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ROBIN SmartPAT 3500

• The SmartPAT 3500 performs all of the safety tests required for Class I and Class II appliances. It can be connected to an external serial printer (Robin model SP 1000) via an integral RS 232 Communication Port for automatic downloading and printing of test data.

• The SmartPAT 3500 is capable of performing Earth Bond, Insulation and Fuse Continuity Tests. The SmartPAT 3500 has been built to meet the requirements of the IEC publication 1010, Safety Requirements for Electronic Measuring Apparatus.

• Tests 230V and 110V appliances.
• 100mA Business Equipment Test.
• Quick ‘one’ touch operation.
• Connects to external printer via serial port
• IEC lead test.

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Portable Appliance Tester

• Fast Testing
• Tests 110 V, 230 V and IT equipment
• Full Test capabilities (Flash Test on PAT4DVF only)
• Compatible with latest IEE Code of Practice
• Extension Lead Testing
• QWERTY keyboard
• 10-Year Real TIme Clock
• Integral Database
• Parallel Printer Port
• RS232 Communication
• Backlight

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Portable Appliance Tester

• Wide applications, including - Domestic, Industrial and Power Tools
• Easy to use – with range sensitive passbands displayed
• Analogue/Digital display – accurate digital readings and rapid response analogue display highlighting fluctuations

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